Apamwamba Investments

Fig Tree Office Park

What if your place of work could be a place of inspiration … ?

“Where do you work?”, is a common question to make small-talk, but think about it. Most of our awake lives are spent at the workplace. So, “Where do you work?”

Take the first right as your drive up Warthog Road in Kabulonga, Lusaka and there you will find Fig Tree Office Park at number One Warthog Road. Fig Tree Office Park is the executive headquarters of Apamwamba Investments.

Property development and project management require intense focus and motivation. The last thing we wanted was to come to work and be put off by the space in which we were spending our lives. We quickly realised this on purchasing the plot for the place of business in Kabulonga, Lusaka.

We followed our convictions and built the office up from its foundations ourselves. Sometimes, this is the best way to get things exactly the way you want them. There are costs to being this particular (and we are very particular) but there are also rewards.

Out of the wild, untamed, rock-laden, hilly landscape we carved a place that we proudly regard a work-sanctuary.

One Warthog road is now sectioned in to four blocks. Fig Tree Office Park features a figtree which bears fruit in the Zambian winter. It is currently the management area for the company. Avocado Row has an avocado tree at its axis. It is the nexus of activity as the center for building operations, administration and accounting functions.

The Content Design block is the home of Content Design Limited a graphic and design studio. Finally and nearing completion, Mango Grove will provide space in which to expand.

The design of the space is inspired by principles of security and functionality. This is an office the way an office should be — a place that kindles the fire in you to be productive.