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Leopards Hill Memorial Park

Rest in peace,

The Leopards Hill Memorial Park project has come at a time when there is little dignity in death in Zambia. We wanted to be actively involved with people that were changing this perception. If we start to think and act differently toward death, perhaps we will begin to live better.

Traditionally, Zambians have deep reverence, pride and passion for life. Unfortunately, with challenges that seem insurmountable, we have lost some of our shine. This is evident in the way that we have allowed the two Leopards Hill cemeteries, Old and New, to become unkempt.

Additionally, Lusaka needs more cemetery space. New development areas are available but are all outside of Lusaka Central.

Leopards Hill Memorial Park was created to restore dignity in death and be the last place for residents of Lusaka to continue the Leopards Hill burial tradition.

You can learn more about Leopards Hill Memorial Park by visiting http://lhmp.org.